Odin on Skateboarding

Odin on Skateboarding

Make Me Wonder - By Pilgaard
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The Lover - Rainbow Edition

About the artprint
It is not easy growing up feeling different than the others. It is something that marks a person for life. We are quite a few, who grew up feeling like this. And that is why we this day forward stand shoulder to shoulder fighting for diversity. The planet is the uttermost beautiful place there is. Seeing it from the outer space makes it just blue. But nuances springs when zooming in. And that is where the true beauty arrises. Let us hold each other's hands. Let us celebrate the fact that we are all different. The world deserves so much more love - and we are the only ones who can do it. But only if we stand together.

Limited Edition
This art print is numbered. The number can be found in the bottom corner of the print. The number is distributed continously as orders come in.

We reserve the right to publish this artwork in other editions.

Guaranteed quality
When ordering photo art from Make Me Wonder, you are guaranteed a high quality product printed on the very finest photo paper, which highlights the deepest nuances of the photograph. The photograph are then given plenty of time to dry, before we carefully wrap it up or mount it in one of our sustainable frames. You can read more about our take on sustainability here, or you can take a closer look at our frames here.