This is how we take responsibility for the environment

We need to take care of our shared Earth. Truth be told, human kind haven’t been careless the last century or two, and now we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t even need to mention every environmental plague that is hitting our beautiful, diverse and shared home… We all know what is happening, and now is the time to take action.


We are over consuming the resources Mother Nature kindly provides, and it is important to remember that no one can help us, but ourselves. This is why we need to live and act more sustainable as a species.


Because of this, we have decided to do our part by making our art as sustainable as possible.
You can read more about our philosophy here.

No mass production, no waste

First and foremost, we never mass produce, even though we would thus be able to create a similar product with much higher profits.


We never print more photographs than ordered, and we always choose materials of the best possible quality. We know that quality is important for longevity.

Acid-free paper – no chemistry

By using acid-free photo paper from sustainable forestry, we are able to reduce the use of chemicals in manufacturing while enabling the strong paper to react far better to colors in the process. This is how we get the exciting deep and sharp picture quality that our motifs deserve.

Locally-produced frames

Our frames are crafted from wood cut in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable fashion. This means that no more trees have been felled, than the forest itself can reproduce again. Both flora and fauna is protected during the process, and the forest workers are secured a safe and fair working environment.


Every single frame is carefully selected and assembled by our skilled, local craftsmen who honor their trade.


The frames can be either untreated solid oak, where the structure of the tree is shown clearly. Or it can be treated with black or white lacquer, which is of course produced as environmentally friendly as possible.


You can read more about our frames here.