Hope as a philosophy

In each stanza and in every photography, we have put our heart and soul into expressing a feeling of hope. We believe in hope as a greater power; as redemption in difficult times, and a link between people.

We believe in hope, even though it sometimes has flimsy conditions. Hope for a brighter future – for each individual, and as a united species. Hope for a future where we treat our shared home, Earth, better than we do at the moment. Hope that we stand as one through tough times. And finally, hope that there are greater forces uniting us, than pushing us apart.

We have done our very best to create a product that inflicts hope, not just when you look at our photographs, but also when reading our poetry.

We walk the extra mile

And we make an extra effort, for our planet and for our future. Our motivation is to create a product that is sustainable in every way. Not just as a fancy sticker we can put on our product – no, as a philosophy and a corner stone of values coming from within.

You can read more about our take on sustainability here. And you can learn more about our sustainable frames here.