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Jobbe Pilgaard

Step into a world of colors, emotions, and poetry with the self-taught artist, Jobbe Pilgaard. With his small studio, Make Me Wonder, located in the outer Vesterbro, Pilgaard is best known for blending visual art, photography, and poetry to create works that take you on a dream journey into both self-discovery and endless fantasy.

As a trained philosophical educator, Pilgaard has a deep understanding of human nature and a passion for the interhuman and emotional. He strives to awaken a sense of unity and cohesion in his works.

As the son of creative parents, the heritage shines through every brushstroke, every photograph, and every poetic stanza. His ability to blend different media and techniques is an expression of his break with the traditional dogmas of art and an invitation to explore a world of colors and emotions.

Pilgaard's intention with Make Me Wonder is to arouse wonder in the viewer. The mission of the works is to awaken dreams, give courage to let go, and inspire hope as a greater force; as a release in difficult times; as a link between people. The works are each developed to be included in any modern home as a sustainable supplement.

So why not invite Jobbe Pilgaard's dreamy art world into your own home today? Explore his unique collection of works and be moved by the power of their poetry and creativity. Experience how his passion for the interhuman and emotional can inspire and challenge you to seek within yourself, in love, in the power of hope, and in all that binds us together.

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Collaboration with Hans Pilgaard

As a pair, Hans Pilgaard and Jobbe Pilgaard share their love for both creativity and poetry. Together, the two have created a series of photo art works where Hans Pilgaard's poetic abilities harmonize with Jobbe Pilgaard's photography. These works are released as Special Editions in a limited number.

Together, they create works that take you on a dreamy journey through time and space, where the magic of poetry and photography fuses and branches out.

Hans writes the poetry for Jobbe's photography, and together they create works that hold magic for those who take the time to explore them. From romantic scenes to surreal landscapes, their photo art is a celebration of the beauty in a world that offers resistance, and an invitation to dream big and hope endlessly.

Experience the magic of poetry and photography in photo art from Hans Pilgaard and Jobbe Pilgaard, and let yourself be seduced by the unique fusion of the two art forms. Dive into their world of magical poetry and be inspired to explore your own dreams.

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A sustainable choice

At Make Me Wonder, we believe that art should not only fascinate and inspire, but also minimize our planet's impact in its production. Our works and sustainability are inseparable - without compromising quality.

Therefore, we source our wood for the production of our iconic frames from sustainably managed forests and ensure that each piece is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. No more trees are felled than are planted. Our dedication to sustainability does not stop there - we avoid mass production methods and prefer to create each work with a focus on quality and long life.

Our commitment to sustainability also includes our choice of materials. We only use acid-free paper, which not only protects your art from yellowing over time but also ensures that no harmful substances are released.
And we make an extra effort. For the sake of our planet and our future. Our motivation is to create a product that is sustainable in all its processes. Not just as a label we can put on our products - no, rather as a philosophy, a core set of values that comes from within.

So why not choose art that not only brings you joy, but also helps preserve our planet for future generations? Experience the magic and poetry in our art while knowing that you have made a sustainable choice. Buy a piece today and enjoy the pleasure of it every day in your home or office.

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Fell in love with a photograph that's not available in the shop?

Have you fallen in love with a photograph that you can't find on our shop? Don't worry! All of Jobbe Pilgaard's photographs can be purchased as a custom order.

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We love working with dedicated people. We believe that our works can create magical moments both for ourselves and for your customers. Therefore, we would like to collaborate with you to spread the joy of Make Me Wonder.

Whether you want to sell our sustainable photo art, invite Jobbe Pilgaard to exhibit in your gallery, or display our photo art in your store with the possibility of offering your own customers a discount code for our shop, we kindly ask you to send us an inquiry by clicking here.

Whether you want to sell our collections or display our photo art in your store with the possibility of offering your own customers a discount code for our shop, we ask you to send us an inquiry by
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