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In 2020, Hans Pilgaard and Jobbe Pilgaard traveled to the Faroe Islands to photograph and write. This led to several long hiking trips, and most importantly… It led to Make Me Wonder - by Pilgaard on a very special day on the westernmost island of the Faroe Islands, Mykines.

Hans Pilgaard & Jobbe Pilgaard

Hans Pilgaard

Journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Hans has been working ever since for TV 2 Denmark both as a journalist and as a tv presenter. He’s especially known for ending all of his shows with a poetic quote. Hans makes one half of the enterprise.

Jobbe Pilgaard

Master in Philosophy of Education from Faculty of Arts specialized in the concept of freedom. After having finished his studies Jobbe pursued a career in travel photography. Jobbe makes the other half of Make Me Wonder and is responsible for the creative part of the enterprise.

The idea

We had walked to the distinctive red-and-white lighthouse on the island. As the waves hammered against the cliffs at the foot of the mountainside, and with screaming seagulls in the air, we sat and let nature seep in through our eyes and ears while letting it tease our consciousnesses.

The concept

The goal with our photo art is to get the perceiver to wonder, to be curious, to dream, to let go, and to hope for all the good things that are only possible when we work together. Our goal is to create photographic art in stunning frames to those who wish to invite hope inside.


Each year, two new collections will arrive – one in the spring and one during fall. The collection Føroyar was our first, and we are incredibly proud of it. Since then more have arrived, and each collection now has its very own theme, while still fitting in with our other collections, frames and poetry. This makes it possible to collect our pieces and put them together in almost infinite ways.


From the beginning the red-and-white lighthouse on Mykines it has been our intention to create sustainable products in a way that also improves quality. This is in part done by using local and skilled craftsmen in the production of our frames.


You can read more about our relationship with sustainability here.

Selection and products

We have put our heart and soul into Make Me Wonder, and it would be an honor for us if you want to decorate your home with our photographs and accompanying poetry.


You can see our collections here, and you can read more about our frames here.