Þórr Collection

The Þórr Collection is a tribute to Tórshavn, named after the legendary God of Thunder, Thor. The photographs are all shot in the historic part of Tórshavn, the same area where the Vikings walked ashore more than a thousand years ago. In this specific part of the city, small pathways and roads do twists and turns between the many small traditional Faroese houses. These ancient wooden cabins have resisted Thor’s whims for centuries, and hundreds of Faroese are still proud to call these incredibly charming cabins their beloved home to this day.

The collection is a celebration of Tórshavn. Not just the charming and idyllic side, but also as a modern city undergoing rapid development. A celebration of its incredible gastronomy, and the amazing people who are proud to call Tórshavn home.

Þórr is a reminder to take a breath... To look up at the extraordinary light that always shines on the Faroe Islands, and appreciate all the small things in everyday life. And most importantly, a reminder to make your mind wonder about the possibilities that you only truly see if you take a break and watch out.

Each motif is made in 75 copies, and can be made in the following sizes: 30x40cm, 50x70cm and 70x100cm. This collections Limited Edition is made in 50 copies, distributed on the sizes 50x70cm and 70x100cm.

When the motifs are sold out, they are never to be produced again, making each and every one a truly special piece of art.

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