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Together with Stelling, I have set out to make it both easier and cheaper to start being creative. For me, being creative is not about creating great works... on the contrary... It's about forgetting time and place. And about just having fun letting the colors merge and the thoughts wander.

The products I recommend in this writing I use myself, or I have used them in the past. My collaboration with Stelling came about because so many people ask me what remedies I use when I'm creative. Therefore, it only makes sense for me to recommend products I use myself.

The agreement with Stelling is therefore not tied to me saying something nice about products I have not used myself. I must say and recommend exactly what I want.

Getting started with watercolors

1. Colors

Just a child-friendly alternative to the classic watercolors
For children, painting with watercolours may be difficult. They're a bit hard to control (which is also the fun part). However, there is an alternative that I myself have begun to love. Namely, Faber-Castell's watercolor huscher. They are used as ordinary markers. And when you have drawn what you want, you add water with a brush, and hey, they transform - as if by magic - into watercolors.


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Beautiful, classic watercolors
So it sometimes happens that what is good is also cheap. Schmincke are some of the very best when it comes to watercolor. And I love the set here, where you get the loveliest, vibrant colors that slide down on the paper.

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Price: 550 kr. before discount - use discount code JOBBE25 and get 25% off

2. Marker for drawing lines with

I have used a multitude of different brands and the ones here from Faber-Castell have a very long lifespan. It is slightly different how thick the lines should be drawn up. It depends on how clear you want the marking... and how thick a pencil you use. So this set from Faber-Castell is absolutely perfect, as it comes with four sizes.

Click here to see Faber-Castell's set by Pitt Artist Pen fineliners

Price: 95 kr. before discount - use discount code JOBBE25 and get 25% off

3 Brushes

There is a saying that you can buy things too cheaply. This is especially true of brushes. However, this does not mean that this is where you need to buy yourself poor. There are brushes for 2 kroner. And there are brushes for DKK 2,000. Personally, I think you should choose 2-3 different brushes in 2-3 different sizes. And stick to around the 50 - 100 kroner each. Stick to the little ones, as you as a beginner do not start with works of 2 x 1 meters ;-)

I myself love the Da Vinci brushes, which you can get in all sorts of sizes and qualities.

Click here to see the set I recommend from Da Vinci.

Price: 372 kr. before discount - use discount code JOBBE25 and get 25% off

4. Pencils

I always draw up my sketches in pencil. It is a little different which ones I use, but in the last few months I have fallen in love with Faber Castells. The quality is just really good and the price reasonable. And then I'm happy. A pencil must be solid, and it is important that the lead does not constantly crack. In addition, a good eraser is absolutely essential when you sometimes have to draw a line a little too far right. You get it all in the set I've found here.

Click here to see the set of pencils and erasers from Faber Castell

Price: 60 kr. before discount - use discount code JOBBE25 and get 25% off

5. Paper

When it comes to paper, it is perhaps the largest jungle in watercolors. Should it be white or have a warmer tone? Should it be smooth and fine or more rough and wavy? It's a bit of taste and pleasure.

The fine paper makes colors glide more easily. While the rough paper makes the colors stay where they are. I myself like it fine. But as a beginner, it is rough safer.

You'll never wrong if you stick to the smooth and frosty white paper. Stelling has a wide selection, but I think Fabriano is a nice brand where you actually get sublime quality for good money. The more g/m2 the thicker the paper. I like to stay between the 200 - 300 g/m2., as the thickness means that the paper does not curl up when you put it in frame.

Click here to see the paper from Fabriano that I am currently using.

Price: 275 kr. before discount - use discount code JOBBE25 and get 25% off it.

If you want a different size, you can click here to see the full range of Fabriano watercolour papers at Stellings.com

Free sketch

You can find the magician right here for free. He is an easy and simple beginner sketch for both children and adults.

Click here and print The Magician for free

How to paint

It is quite easy and simple to paint watercolors.

1. Take two glasses of clean water. Clean brushes in one. And wash them after in the second.
Put out some paper towels to wipe brushes in.
Put a sheet of paper on the table.
Draw your sketch in pencil.
Take a brush, immerse it in water and then in the color you want.
Let the brush slide over the paper.
When changing color, shake the brush in the glass with water.
Allow the subject to dry for 24 - 48 hours (depending on temperature).
Mount in frame.

Good advice:
If you make a mistake, you can use a little paper towel to soak up the color.
If you drop a drop of color somewhere outside the subject, you can first soak it up with paper towels. And then iron a little water over with a completely clean brush. And then soak again with paper towels.

And then I want to wish you a lot of good creative desire. Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect at all. Creativity is about emotions. And the most important of those feelings, I think, is having fun with what you're doing.

You can find lots of inspiration on YouTube.